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Giving Back is easy...all you have to do is start!

One of my favorite things is when someone wants to be of service and reaches out to me. I love that when they think of service they think of me and more importantly I love that they trust me to help guide their steps in finding the right service opportunity for them. One of the very first things they usually ask is how do I get started? We all live busy, crazy lives and the idea of adding yet one more thing can be daunting.

I simply remind them that the first step in Giving Back is simply setting the intention to do so. By just putting it into your heart that you want to do what you can to make the world a better place, you've already started the process.

Secondly, I remind them to start where they are. More often than not I'll share the quote from Arthur Ashe that I'm sharing with you today. You don't have to go big to Give Back. You simply have to say YES to doing it and think about how you can start right now.

Do you drive to work? Let a fellow merging driver over without protest.

Do you have a super/maintenance man/concierge in your building? Give her/him a smile and tell them to have a nice day.

Noticed your neighbor's newspapers piling up while they're on vacation? Pick them up for them and store them until their return.

As you're leaving a building, turn back as you are opening the door to keep it open for the person behind you.

When you go to the grocery store ask your cashier how their day is going and listen in earnest.

See what I mean? It really is all about starting where you are. Keep that energy going every day. And if and when you're ready to do larger service projects, you'll know that you set the foundation for your service by simply shining your light in service to good every day.

I know that you can do it. Let's do it together.

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