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The Legacy in Giving Back

I am grateful each day to wake up and set my intention to do what I can to make the world a better place. I'm equally grateful that I am reminded every day that there are people around the world with that same song in their hearts.

This week that reminder was made a bit more surreal as one of my closest friends shared that she'd lost a friend this week who was a shining light of service on the planet.

I'd only had the pleasure of meeting him once but we were friends on social media and whenever I had a blood drive or volunteer event, he was quick to cheer me on.

In his own world he gave back consistently often making runs of hope and love to Skid Row. He was always looking for ways to help those in need. His light was so bright that it inspired hundreds of others who soon also joined him on his love caravans to help the homeless.

The loss this week has given me pause as I ponder about the power found in our personal legacies of Giving Back. We each do our parts to Give Back because our hearts lead the way. We don't think about the whys or whats. We just do. And we inadvertently inspire others because a light that shines brightly will always attract those who needs its illumination.

I am so grateful that I got to bask however shortly in this man's wonderful light. And as I read all of the comments from all of the people that he inspired, my heart hurts for the loss and smiles at the legacy that he left behind.

The ripples of Giving Back last a lifetime. The good that you do never stays with you. It's transferred to every heart that you touch and every heart that they touch and so on and so on.

Our days are not guaranteed in this life. All we can do is shine our lights as brightly as we can, appreciate the light that we find in others and rest in the knowing that love, joy kindness and Giving Back leaves ripples we can't even imagine. <3

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