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The World Sucks. Should I Still Give Back?

As I was pondering what to blog about this week, the horrors of the world kept knocking at my door. The hurricanes that have left countless men, women and children in peril, the political response that leaves us each feeling less connected than the moment before and now a mass shooting that has left my heart heavy and longing for more good in the world. It was all just too much. And if I’m really being honest it’s just a continuation of a lot of just too much in the world as of late. I consider myself to be someone who always tries to find the good in the world. It’s who I am, but even I feel shaken…my armor heavy with the nicks from the malevolence taking place that continues to allow us to believe that don’t belong to each other when we really do. And then I began to think of ways that I can Give Back, because that’s what I do when I’m out of sorts, I look for ways to be of service. I can’t control the actions of the world around me, but I can control my actions as it relates the world I want to see. Then I thought of you dear reader and every other soul in the world who may be so overwhelmed by what little they feel that their good can do that they don’t do any good at all. You might be thinking to yourself, “The World Sucks. Should I Still Give Back?” I am here to tell you, implore you and remind you that NOW is the time when what you do matters most. YES, you should still Give Back. When you think that the world’s ills are just too much, that’s the time to do all that you can with what you can. No matter the size of your action, it all counts. Saddened by the hurricane's aftermath? Donate non-perishable food items to a verified drop off location in your city, reach out to a friend whose family is affected and check on them or donate money to a verified charity that makes sure that the money reaches those who need it. Horrified by the latest mass shooting? Check in with your representative and implore them to support gun control, donate blood at a local blood bank and check in with friends and family who may have been effected. I want to be the reminder for you that Giving Back is important on days when the sun is shining and it’s imperative on the days when the world's been overshadowed with darkness. You! Yes you and your light can make a difference. So please, Give Back. I know that the world can be a scary place but it’s in times like this when we need the light bearers, caregivers, change makers and volunteers to do their part to help make us whole again. We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We can help to change the world. We need you now more than ever.

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