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I Have a Confession: I’m a little Crazy :)

cra·zy ˈkrāzē/ informal adjective extremely enthusiastic. synonyms: passionate about, (very) keen on, enamored of, infatuated with, smitten with, devoted to;

Hi, my name is Gail Anderson and I have the crazy idea that I can change the world through service. I happen to be a little crazy, a lot passionate and pulled by the powerful vision that I can help make the world better by inspiring others through acts of service. It takes a little bit of crazy to look at the world and not only wish to see it differently but also take action to ensure that that happens. I believe that service opens up hearts, allows us to see each other as more than just our differences and is the great connector that will fuel a more loving future. I believe this with all of my heart. Just writing that sentence is liberating and terrifying. Liberating because it’s a wonderful thing to speak your truth. We often bury our passions and vision, afraid of what the world at large might think. Terrifying because saying it not only breathes life into the vision, it also brings with it anxiety and doubt. A year ago I decided that I wasn’t going to let my fear dictate my actions and I embraced my crazy and started Giving Back With Gail. It’s hard to express just what this Giving Movement means to me. What started as an idea in my heart has grown into a wonderful community. I see this community growing so much more over the next few years. I see workshops, speaking engagements with schools, talking to school districts to ensure that Giving Back is part of the curriculum and most importantly, I see this movement going worldwide. I believe that service will help change the world. Service is the moment when you stop thinking of yourself and you think of someone else. When you are being of service, your intention leads you and you don’t have the time to focus on anything else. Whenever I am out of sorts, the first thing that I do is sign up to Give Back. I literally run for my favorite non-profit and sign up to volunteer. I am my truest self when I am of service. I know that by Giving Back I will be doing my part to make the world around me a little better. Whether I’m serving food to women, men and children without a place to call home or planting bulbs in a community garden or taking part in a food rescue program, I am shining my light in service to others. There is no judgment in service. I simply see the people around me in need and I let my heart lead the way. You see, I Give Back because I don’t know how not to. It is my life’s purpose. I am here to be a beneficial presence on the planet and do what I can to make the world a better place. And I know that I am not alone. There are scores of other crazy people who believe that they too can make a difference. We are all in this together. We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. If each of us simply sets the intention to Give Back, be of service and see the good in each and every person we come across, imagine how different our world would be. I know that we can do it….and I’m just crazy enough to try. Won’t you join me?

Gail Anderson, CGO

(Chief Giving Officer)

Giving Back With Gail

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might enjoy it and as always I relish your comments.

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