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When Giving Back, Should You Keep It to Yourself or Tell the World?

There are some who say that if you really want to Give Back and be of service, then you should just do it and not talk about it. In essence, the talking about it negates the service that you are providing.

I lovingly disagree. I believe that in as much as it’s these acts of kindness, love, volunteering and Giving Back that incrementally change our world on a day to day basis, it’s the sharing of them that inspires others to do the same.

I have the good fortune of being part of a wonderful Giving Back community on Instagram. I am inspired every single day when I scroll down my news feed. The women and men in my community are feeding the homeless, honoring lost loved ones through service and making the world a better place in their own inspiring ways.

That’s really what Giving Back With Gail is all about-Inspiring others to see the power they have to help change the world through service.

I am here to be a beneficial presence on the planet and to Give Back and make the world a better place. Why would I keep that a secret? Why wouldn't I want to share the good that I’m doing? We often don’t know something is possible until we see it being done. And sometimes all it takes is a momentary reminder of what’s possible.

I’m happiest when someone tells me that a quote that I posted touched their heart or a video reminded them to perform a Random Act of Kindness.

Why would i want to keep any of this good news to myself? This world is full of not so bright moments and experiences. I hope that my page, website and blog can and will be the bit of daily inspiration that someone needs to keep moving forward in their own Giving Back journey.

So if you want to Give Back and keep it to yourself, feel free.

I am going to yell it from the mountaintops, because we need more and more reminders of good in this world and we need to be reminded of the power that we each have to help change the world.

So please, if you are out in the world Giving Back, take a moment to tag the organization to get them more volunteers, post a pic so that people can see some good on their timeline, donate what you can and tell everyone you know just how wonderful it feels to be able to be of service to those in need.

Doing good begets more good. Let’s inspire the world together.

Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail


-As of this Wednesday, June 27th, I started a new segment on the Instagram page called “Why I Give Back Wednesdays”. Each week, I will highlight a new person as they tell us why they Give Back. I started it off with my own video. Now, I am going to need your help to move it forward. If you’d like to share why you Give Back, please send me a video 60 seconds or less to Secondly, please fill out the attached Google form so that I have permission to use your video.

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