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Finding Community Through Giving Back

When I started Giving Back With Gail two years ago, I did it with the goal of creating a community of like minded souls who together work to help make the world a better place. What started off small has evolved into an organic community that is now close to 1600 members strong.

The beauty of this community is that even in its virtual iteration, it is very much a real life connection. I have had the pleasure of flying to North Carolina to Give Back with the founder of Volunteer 2 Serve N Give. I have received cards from the family that created On Behalf of Dean so that I could join them in Giving Back in honor of Dean’s birthday. I have donated money to Scarves for Warmth as they expanded the work that they do with the homeless. I have reached out to community members when they haven’t posted in a while to make sure that they are good. And I am inspired each and every day by the wonderful good works that they are doing to help change the world.



This is the power in community. It’s an amazing time in life when I can support people from all over the world, who like me, are doing their part to make the world a better place.

I realized recently while looking at my Facebook friend’s list that I met 70% of my friends through volunteering. Some of my best friends came into my life via Giving Back. I can’t think of a better foundation to friendship than service to others.

Let this be your reminder that if you are in need of community, look no further than the Giving Back With Gail community. We are here to support your endeavors, cheer you on, aid your organization financially when possible and give you a daily reminder that others just like you are fighting the good fight to change the world.

And if you need to add to your own real world community that’s not virtual, reach out to your local volunteer organization. Sign up. Let Go. Breathe. Give Back. Make some new friends.

(Don’t know where to start? Send me an email and I’ll help you get started)

The community that you seek is seeking you.

Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail


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Gentle Reminder:

My newest segment on the Instagram page is called “Why I Give Back Wednesdays”. Each week, a new person will be highlighted as they tell us why they Give Back. I need your help to move it forward. If you’d like to share why you Give Back, please send a video 60 seconds or less to

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