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The New Giving Back With Gail Vlog Lesson of the Day: Done is Better than Perfect!


Hi, I'm Gail and I have a great big purpose that scares the heck out of me. Lol! Most of the time though, I sit in pure gratitude for this great big heart of mine and for my desire to do my part to change the world.

So when I decided to add the vlog to my repertoire, I immediately started overthinking and wondering if it would be good enough. I took a deep breath and just recorded what was on my heart: A reintroduction to the community of who I am and what Giving Back With Gail is all about. Then as I started to edit, I realized that I hadn't done it in a while and then I started to feel nervous about it not looking perfect. Doubt is a persistent adversary. I texted one of my favorite people and he reminded me that it didn't have to be perfect. I just needed to honor my commitment to myself and my community.

Little did I know that my vlog would be an inspiration and lesson for me when the goal was for it to be that for the community at large.

So, this is me...heart filled...purpose driven, flawed, passionate and inspired to do my part to help make the world a better place. I'm sure that things will look a little different a few months from now..but for now I'm grateful that I kept my commitment to myself and to you. We all have to start somewhere. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail

Feel Good Story of the Week:

When Mom Became Too Overwhelmed by Fussy Toddler at Dinner, Waitress Comes to the Rescue

Gentle Reminder:

My newest segment on the Instagram page is called “Why I Give Back Wednesdays”. Each week, a new person will be highlighted as they tell us why they Give Back. I need your help to move it forward. If you’d like to share why you Give Back, please send a video 60 seconds or less to

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