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Want to Learn the Easiest Way to Keep Your Volunteers? Watch This!

This week's vlog was inspired by a friend who had a not so great experience the last time that she went to Give Back. I have heard so many similar stories and have my own to tell as well. I decided to share what I think is an easy way to ensure that your volunteers have a wonderful time and guarantee that they will in fact return.

I guarantee that if a non profit is having trouble keeping their volunteers, I can help them. This vlog is the first step in my upcoming workshops to help non profits attract, engage with and keep their volunteers.

After you watch, please let me know your thoughts.

Let's change the world together.

Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail

Feel Good Story of the Week:

When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help Feed Others

Gentle Reminder:

My newest segment on the Instagram page is called “Why I Give Back Wednesdays”. Each week, a new person will be highlighted as they tell us why they Give Back. I need your help to move it forward. If you’d like to share why you Give Back, please send a video 60 seconds or less to

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