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How To Give Back When You Are Traveling Abroad!

Have you ever wondered if you can include Giving Back in your plans when you are traveling abroad? Well I wondered the same thing when I started to travel more a few years ago.



As I planned my first trip to Paris in 2016, I decided to Google organizations that may be in need of volunteers during my stay. I found a few . Some of them were understandably looking for more consistent support and weren't as open to a visitor on holiday. But I found two that were open and happy to have my service during my stay.

That was all it took...a little Googling, a few emails noting my intent to volunteer and dates available and I was set to volunteer for the first time abroad.

I just want this to be a reminder that Giving Back is always possible no matter where you are around the world. All you have to do is remain open and available to do your part and shine your light.

Do you have a go-to organization that you volunteer with when you travel? I'd love to hear all about them. Gail Anderson, CGO

(Chief Giving Officer)

Giving Back With Gail

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