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Giving Back With Gail Company Spotlight: Super Duper Buddy


I have had the good fortune to connect with some really wonderful people doing their part to change the world. Today I have the opportunity to shine some light on one of these companies, Super Duper Buddy.

I met the owner Jonathan via Instagram and I was excited when he offered to send me a few of the buddies so that I could share them with the kids in my world.

I'm excited to do my small part to share the good that they are doing and to help promote the company as they have set it up so that each time a Super Duper Buddy is purchased one is donated to a child in need.

I'm all about championing good.

I hope that this vlog inspires you to find out more about the company and support it in any way that you can.

Gail Anderson, CGO Giving Back With Gail

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