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Ready to Change the World? Surround Yourself with People who Inspire You


I had an entirely different blog written for this week before I went to a workshop last night that sparked a fire in me that I was very much in need of. I recently set the intention to connect with more people and organizations doing the work to make the world a better place. My first step a few months ago was to join the organization Be Social Change. I RSVP’d for their Goal Setting/Life Visioning workshop and am I ever glad that I did. I feel excited about what’s next. I made connections with people who like me want to do their part to change the world but feel overwhelmed by the weight of their purpose. We discussed the things in life that make us happy and the things that we aren’t doing for ourselves that block our progress. It’s one of those moments that feels like a no brainer, but it’s a reminder that we don’t always hear the message that we need until we are ready to hear it.

Then we wrote down our 10-year plans. I’ll be honest, I’m much more of a short-term plan kind of gal but it was enlightening to see the world and my life that I’d like to see 10 years from now. It was frightening at the offset but when my pen hit the paper, it just flowed. It was an early morning snapshot of my life with my husband and children in Paris….a life I’d created because my nonprofit and traveling the world speaking to audiences about the power of Giving Back and helping NGOs worldwide made it possible. As I put my pen down, I smiled at the possibilities and began to think of ways to make the work I want to do in the world a reality so that I can live that morning in the future.

I left the event feeling inspired and I connected with another changemaker who like me wants to help change the world internationally. He gave me his card and we’re going to get coffee and talk about how we can support each other’s dreams.

So if you are in need of a shift in energy, find someone who is already doing the work. I recently read a post from H.O.N.Y in Nigeria and I was so inspired by this woman’s work to help with blood donations that I sent her a direct message telling her that I appreciate her work and offering to help anyway that I can. Inspiration can come from many places. If you need a little push to help do your part to change the world, look for the people who inspire you to do so and then take action. I hope that this blog has inspired you. If it did, I’d love to hear all about it. Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail


Feel Good Story of the Week:

7-Year-Old Becomes Certified Barber So She Can Offer Free Haircuts To Kids in Her City


Gentle Reminder: My newest segment on the Instagram page is called “Why I Give Back Wednesdays”. Each week, a new person will be highlighted as they tell us why they Give Back. I need your help to move it forward. If you’d like to share why you Give Back, please send a video 60 seconds or less to

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