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5 Self Care Ideas for Caregivers, Volunteers & Changemakers

The new vlog is up and it's all about Self Care. You know that thing that we always seem to forget about as caregivers? Taking a moment for self to refill our cup so that we can continue to pour from it and do our part to help make the world a better place.

In the vlog, I give you 5 self care ideas that I hope that you will indulge in over the next few weeks. Volunteering ramps up over the holidays, so now is the best time to recharge via self care.

As always, if you do take part in some self care, please let know. I'd love to hear how it helps to enrich your volunteering experience.

Gail Anderson, CGO (Chief Giving Officer) Giving Back With Gail Feel Good Story of the Week:

Devoted Lunch Lady Encourages Students by Writing Sweet Messages on Fruit

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